Your destination to experience and explore music from around South America. Here you will find the rich musical forms of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and many more. Have you always longed to experience the Carnaval in Rio? At CAiALA SOUTH AMERICA you will find it and a lot more. Have Fun!


Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez (born August 9, 1972), better known as Juanes is a Colombian musician who was a member of heavy metal band Ekhymosis and is now a solo artist. He has won seventeen ..

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Los Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles is a multiple-Grammy nominated and Latin Grammy winning Venezuelan band that plays a blend of disco, acid jazz and funk mixed with Latin rhythms. In addition to releasing six cri..

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Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs is a Latin-American rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed in 1985, they released their first album, ''Bares y Fondas'' (Bars and Boardinghouses) in 1986. Since then th..

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Luca Mundaca

Luca Mundaca is one of the new voices of Brazilian music. She was born in Chile and moved with her family to Brazil at age of 6. Subsequently, in 1999, she moved to the United States in search of a re..

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Luisa Maita

Luísa Maita ( is a Brazilian singer-songwriter whose debut album was released in US and Europe by Cumbancha Discovery label in May 2010. She was born in São Paulo, Brazil on April 27, 1982, into a mus..

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