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The place to experience and explore music from around EUROPE. Europe is a continent of diverse languages and rich cultures and one can see that in the music too. Are you hungry for an Italian Sonnet or a French chanson? Or perhaps a Spanish rhythmic ballad? Are you curious about music from Denmark or the latest in Moscow’s jazz scene? CAiALA EUROPE is the place to find that and more. Enjoy the musical train ride!

Saban Bajramovic

Šaban Bajramović (Serbian Cyrillic: Шабан Бајрамовић) (April 16, 1936 – June 8, 2008) was a Romani musici..

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Samy Deluxe

Samy Sorge (born 19 December 1977 in Hamburg), commonly known as Samy Deluxe, Wickeda MC or Sam Semillia is a German hip hop artist from Hamburg. He is one of Germany's most successful solo rap musici..

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Santiano is a German Band from North Germany. It is a five-piece band mixing traditional music genres such as shanties and Irish folk with modern pop and schlager (the group's violinist, Pete Sage, is..

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Ska Cubano

Ska Cubano is a London-based group which combines ska and Cuban music such as son and mambo, with elements of other genres including cumbia and calypso. The second Ska Cubano album, ˇAy Caramba!, was..

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Paul van Haver, better known as Stromae [stromaj] (born March 12, 1985 in Brussels) is a singer-songwriter of Belgian-Rwandan origin. He has distinguished himself in both hip-hop and electronic music...

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