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The place to experience and explore music from around EUROPE. Europe is a continent of diverse languages and rich cultures and one can see that in the music too. Are you hungry for an Italian Sonnet or a French chanson? Or perhaps a Spanish rhythmic ballad? Are you curious about music from Denmark or the latest in Moscow’s jazz scene? CAiALA EUROPE is the place to find that and more. Enjoy the musical train ride!

Mickey 3D

Mickey 3D is a French rock group from Montbrison that was founded in 1997 when Mickaël Furnon alias ''Mickey'' and Aurélien Joanin alias ''Jojo'' parted from the local group 3Dk. They were supported b..

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Moster Sevdah Reunion

Mostar Sevdah Reunion is a musical ensemble from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina playing almost exclusively sevdalinka and gypsy music. The band is composed of experienced musicians and often collabora..

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Nâdiya (born Nadia Zighem on June 19, 1973) is a French R&B singer...

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Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri , born Ioánna Moúschouri on October 13, 1934, in Chania, Crete, Greece, is a singer who is confirmed to have sold over 200 million records worldwide in a career spanning over five decad..

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Netsayi is a London-born, Zimbabwe-raised and (currently) Bristol-based singer...

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