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asrollah Moein (Persian: ''نصرالله معین'') known as Moein is a famous Iranian singer who is well known for his love songs...

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ahasti born Eftekhar Dadehbala (November 16, 1946 - June 25, 2007) was a legendary Persian Pop and classical singer and diva and the younger sister of singer Hayedeh...

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shraf o-Sadat Mortezaie, known professionally as Marzieh (1924 – 13 October 2010) was a Tehran-born singer of Persian traditional music. Marzieh started her career in the 1940s at Radio Tehran and co..

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ariza is the stage name of a popular fado singer. She was born Marisa dos Reis Nunes on 16 December 1973 in Lourenço Marques, Mozambique. At the time, Mozambique was known as the Portuguese Overseas P..

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Mario Pacheco

ario Pacheco (1950 - November 26, 2010) was a Spanish record producer, photographer and entrepreneur. Born in Madrid, Pacheco was an essential figure in the development of contemporary flamenco and o..

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Moster Sevdah Reunion

ostar Sevdah Reunion is a musical ensemble from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina playing almost exclusively sevdalinka and gypsy music. The band is composed of experienced musicians and often collaborat..

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