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Mercedes Sosa

aydée Mercedes Sosa, known as La Negra, (July 9, 1935 - October 4, 2009) was an Argentine singer who was popular throughout Latin America and internationally. With her roots in Argentine folk music, S..

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Marisa Monte

hile classically trained in opera singing, she grew up surrounded by the sounds of the Portela samba school, and combines diverse influences into her music. After failing to break through 1980s Brazil..

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Marcio Local

arcio Local stands at the crossroads of two great traditions in modern Brazilian music, with one foot in samba, the heavily percussive Afro-Brazilian dance music that took its modern form in the early..

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Mickey 3D

ickey 3D is a French rock group from Montbrison that was founded in 1997 when Mickaël Furnon alias ''Mickey'' and Aurélien Joanin alias ''Jojo'' parted from the local group 3Dk. They were supported by..

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MC Solaar

C Solaar is the stage name of Claude M'Barali (born March 5, 1969), a francophone hip hop and rap artist. Solaar is one of the most internationally popular and influential French rappers. As a rappe..

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Maxime Le Forestier

axime Le Forestier (born February 10, 1949 as Bruno Le Forestier) is a French singer. He was born in Paris to an English father and a French mother who had lived in England. He had two older sisters..

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