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Shahram Nazeri

hahram Nazeri (Persian: شهرام ناظرى) is a contemporary eastern Iranian tenor who sings classical Iranian music from Kermanshah. He is one of..

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assan Sattar (known as Sattar, Persian: ستار ) is an Iranian pop and traditional/classic singer. He had gained fame before the Iranian Revolution and became Pahlavi Royal Famil..

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hahrokh is a persian popular music singer. His contemporary style and haunting vocals are infectious. His music is loved by Persians both young and old. He is one of the most respected names in Persia..

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Sandra Luna

n 1966, long after the peak of tango's popularity, Sandra Luna was born inBuenos Aires' slaughterhouse district of Mataderos. At 7 she performed for Radio Argentina. By age eleven she was performing i..

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Saban Bajramovic

aban Bajramović (Serbian Cyrillic: Шабан Бајрамовић) (April 16, 1936 June 8, 2008) was a Romani musicia..

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