About Us

CAiALA WORLD MUSiC is an arm of the digital media company CAiALA Inc.

Headquartered in Miami Florida, CAiALA WORLD MUSIC specializes on rare, (difficult to find) music from
around the world. CAiALA WORLD MUSIC focuses on culturally rich international music with unique or distinctive
The CAiALA MUSIC brand represents virtually every cultural sound on the planet, characterized by the
company's slogan; "Your Headphones to the World ". At CAiALA we see the whole earth as one
homeland rich in beautiful cultures and to explore this diversity for the pleasure, and satisfaction of
our customers is of vital importance.
The CAiALA WORLD MUSiC logo which is a little child wearing a set of oversized headphones is symbolic to
the child in us all, brought to life by the magical influence of music. The concept of beauty in
diversity is most important among CAiALAís Core Values. Join us in celebrating the beautiful
diversity of our planet through the uniting force of music.